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Many people do not realize the difference between science class water — good ol’ H2O with its two hydrogen atoms for every oxygen atom — and tap water. Most drinking water has a lot of dissolved solids in it. These are usually completely harmless. In fact, you gain some vital minerals through water, but you can also be exposed to dissolved solids you may not want, such as iron, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate or sodium. We recommend obtaining a water softener system for your home to ensure you don’t consume materials that are bad for you. Tom’s Plumbing offers water softener repair, installation, and maintenance services in Phoenix, Arizona and other cities.

Water softening literally softens your iron-rich or mineral-rich water. It reduces the heavy mineral content, especially of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, so that everyday household activities become easier.

Most water softeners use sodium to swap out calcium and magnesium ions for sodium ions, which do not damage pipes and do not interfere with soaps and detergents. The science behind the process has been known for a long time.

How water softening — swapping out the ions — is accomplished depends on the water softener system you install. A water softener helps remove dissolved minerals by reverse osmosis, a salt-based ion exchange or with a salt-free method.

Working with your plumbing representative from Tom’s Plumbing, you can decide which system is right for you. We offer affordable and reliable water softener installation and repair services in Phoenix and other locations of Arizona.


Much of the pioneer life of Phoenix settlers was hard. The days were long and hard. The work was hard. Even the water was hard. Today, we can enjoy central air conditioning, indoor plumbing and shorter work hours. Phoenix water, however, is still hard. The solution for many residents is a water softener system. Tom’s Plumbing offers water softener installation, repair, and maintenance services in Phoenix and various other areas of Arizona.

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