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Sewer & Drain Repair, Maintenance & Installation


Tom’s Plumbing provides all manner of Phoenix plumbing services, and that includes helping you with existing sewer drain cleaning issues. Whether you have a slow drain that doesn’t seem to be getting rid of waste properly, or you have a drain issue that’s causing a backup already, we can help you. After all, handling your own drain or sewer cleaning issues isn’t something any homeowner can do safely. Perhaps you’ve already used a drain cleaning solution you got at the drug store, but you may have made the problem worse. That’s not the first time that’s happened, but Tom’s Plumbing can help you fix that.


Your sewer drain helps to get rid of stuff you just don’t want anywhere near your home. While many homeowners like to pretend their sewer drain doesn’t exist, the fact is that one that’s not working properly will be an incredible headache. That’s why we offer sewer services that can guarantee your drains will be clog free. That means no potential contamination or odors in or around your home.

Clearing drains affordably

Get immediate help with a clogged drain day or night. Tom’s Plumbing can clear slowed and stopped drains fast. All it takes is one call, and you’ll have a member of our crews out to your home.

Want to see the clog for yourself? Using the latest in video inspection technology, our cameras will allow you to see the whole picture.  Using elite drain cleaning equipment for all but the most difficult clogs. Our master plumber will ensure that your lines are clear.

Sewer and drain services:

• Sewer and drain cleaning

• Video camera inspection

• Excavating

• Drain installation

• Sewer line installation

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