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Serving All of The West Valley

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Viztrac Drain camera

Get immediate help with a clogged drain day or night — available 24/7, Tom's Plumbing can clear slowed and stopped drains fast. All it takes is one call, and you'll have a member of our crews out to your home.


Want to see the clog for yourself? Using the latest in video inspection technology, the Viztrac Drain camera, you'll get to see the whole picture.  Using spartan drain cleaning equpiment for all but the most difficult clogs. Our master plumber will ensure that your lines are clear.

Clearing drains affordably

• Sewer and drain cleaning

• Video camera inspection

• Excavating

• Drain installation

• Sewer line installation

• 24/7 Emergency service availability

Sewer and drain services:

Save $10 on your next drain cleaning service — set up your appointment today!

Restrictions may apply.

Serving the West Valley with licensed and insured technicians:


Sewer cleaning CTA